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Valuable insights to drive progress of project management with data-driven practices.

Whitepaper - Navigating today's uncertainty and complexity woth data and agility
Data-Driven Agility

Building project team's capacity to respond quickly and intelligently to disruption and uncertainty while driving business value, growth, and benefits.

The whitepaper explores the current challenges in project management and the need for ever faster, yet sound decisions amid uncertainty and volatility. It highlights an approach of blending data-driven practices with business agility, examining the critical factors that must be addressed and what steps need to be taken to take advantage of today’s data capabilities to lift project performance and the chances for successful outcomes.

Financial Crime Compliance Change

Driving end-to-end change capability and risk alignment to create business value while meeting today's regulatory compliance demands.

The whitepaper explores the current challenges in Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) programs and the emerging risks as a result of the changing regulatory landscape. It recommends a solution approach that leverages existing knowledge and capabilities for improved effectiveness of delivering change in compliance programs.