Navigating today's
Uncertainty and Complexity
with Data and Agility.

Building project team's capacity to respond quickly and intelligently to disruption and uncertainty while driving business value, browth, and benefits.

Project management practices and teams need to evolve along with today’s trends and rapid changes in business environments and become predictive forecasters for emergent change.

The ability to be agile and quickly change directions is crucial, but it becomes useless if not executed in a meaningful way. Project leaders and teams must have the capability for fast and informed decisions to keep the project progressing while focusing on the long-term business strategy.

Having the capability to spot early on new developments, new opportunities, or emerging risks is key to avoiding unmanageable complexity and resulting turbulence that could provoke additional threats to a project's progress and success.

Flexibility and adaptability are key to responding to sudden changes. Being open to new ideas and different approaches, anticipating project risks, and taking a proactive stance will boost a team's adaptive capacity. This will help teams prepare for and react quickly to changing conditions.

Inevitably, this calls for a more systemic, participatory, flexible, and context-sensitive approach beyond established agile practices, emphasizing the need for even stronger collaboration and engagement between project teams and business stakeholders toward broader knowledge and awareness of risks, changes, and constraints.

In this whitepaper, Marcus Glowasz explores today's challenges of managing and delivering projects effectively, and how to address them with data-driven agility that aligns with today's reality of rapid change, high uncertainty, and increasing complexity.

About the Author

Marcus Glowasz is a transformation strategist, change advisor and coach, helping leaders and teams to effectively plan and execute change and risk strategies by advancing and shifting their project delivery practices to a future-proof model that accounts for the increasing complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty in today’s rapidly changing business environments.

With almost three decades of international experience in technology and data-driven projects, working with numerous organizations from large corporates to small business practices around the globe, Marcus is well versed in project best practices and has developed an obsession and passion for the innovation and advancement of the project management practice.

He is the author of the book Leading Projects with Data, which provides invaluable insights on overcoming cultural and behavioral barriers to achieving success in data-driven and evidence-based project delivery.

As an independent coach and facilitator, he frequently runs workshops and training programs, helping project organizations and teams to optimize and advance their project delivery practices toward a future-proof project delivery model.

You can learn more about him and his services at:


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