Marcus Glowasz

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Transformation Strategist, Facilitator, Keynote Speaker

Projects & Data: Empowering People for Data-Driven Success

I facilitate the transition to evidence-based and data-driven project delivery practices by unlocking the hidden information potential in you and your people.

Unleashing the Data Advantage for Change Delivery Excellence

I support project leaders and teams in expanding and modernizing the field of project management towards a future-oriented and evidence-based delivery model.

With the aim of significantly increasing the value creation from projects, I convey concrete techniques and methods in my seminars to change project culture in companies in a forward-looking manner and thus pave the way for data-informed and AI-supported project work.

Projects, Data, and Agility

In today’s dynamic business world, project teams require high flexibility. However, with increasing complexity, it is also important to have the competence to proactively act based on data and technology. Given the constant market fluctuations, it is crucial to not only react quickly but also to respond correctly and comprehensively to changes based on informed decisions.

New Book

Enabling Data and Analytics to Make an Impact in Projects.

The use of data and analytics significantly improves project performance, but it requires a cultural foundation that connects and engages people, enables evidence-based thinking and facilitates new capabilities.

Leading Projects with Data is full of actionable insights to drive the behaviors and culture shifts necessary to ensure a successful transition to data-informed project delivery practices.

Leading Projects with Data - Overcome Behavioral and Cultural Barriers to Unlock the Hidden Value of Data in Projects

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What People Say

Marcus Glowasz was one of the best and most engaging speakers at our PPM & E-PMO conference. I would recommend for his expertise, eloquence and strong experience.

Said Sahardeed
Innovation Johnson, UK

Marcus’ presentation is pragmatic and he delivers with such a style that keeps his listeners glued to the content.

Taiwo Abraham
Project Management Institute Ottawa Valley

Excellent speaker, presentation, data content, and knowledge of the subject.I look forward to welcoming Marcus back to the program for a future session.

Orla Stefanazzi
IBM Project Management Center of Excellence
Marcus Glowasz - Keynote Speaker

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