Informed Project Leadership
in a Data-Driven World.

Helping Project Leaders & Teams to Thrive

in Today’s Noisy and Turbulent Environments.

About Me

I am a project leadership coach and advisor, helping project leaders and teams to future-proof their ways of delivering and managing projects, drive change in today’s fast-paced, high growth and rapidly changing global environments, and become effective leaders and role models in their practice. 

Let’s talk Project Leadership

Today’s complexity and uncertainty in business environments require a new approach to leading projects through adversity and turbulence. An adaptive leadership model is crucial to be resilient enough to keep projects not only on track but to deliver true value. This requires however an informed approach, leveraging new sources of knowledge and intelligence.


What People Say

Marcus Glowasz was one of the best and most engaging speakers at our PPM & E-PMO conference. I would recommend for his expertise, eloquence and strong experience.

Said Sahardeed
Innovation Johnson, UK

Marcus’ presentation is pragmatic and he delivers with such a style that keeps his listeners glued to the content.

Taiwo Abraham
Project Management Institute Ottawa Valley

Excellent speaker, presentation, data content, and knowledge of the subject.I look forward to welcoming Marcus back to the program for a future session.

Orla Stefanazzi
IBM Project Management Center of Excellence

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