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Hi. I'm Marcus.

Leveraging Data Capabilities to Drive Project Delivery Excellence.

I help leaders and teams to leverage the potential of data-informed practices to advance and future-proof project delivery practices in organizations.

With almost three decades of international experience in technology-driven projects, working with numerous organizations from large corporates to small business practices around the globe, I am well versed in project management best practices and have developed an obsession and passion for the innovation and advancement of project and change management practices.

I have gained substantial experience in the Financial Services domain, having delivered complex change initiatives and programs in large financial institutions such as Credit Suisse and UBS. Most recently, I have acted as the Head of the Financial Crime Prevention Data Hub at UBS in Zurich, Switzerland.

With my passion for the project management practice and its innovation through data-driven practices, I have dedicated my work to helping project teams, managers, and decision-makers to make full use of today’s data capabilities within increasingly complex project management settings and environments, and build the basis to deliver continuous business value and growth through data literacy, business agility, and strategic resilience.

My tailored training programs are building on my vast experience in complex and data-driven project environments, continuous research, as well as new insights on best practices gained from my ongoing work with clients and their journeys toward data-informed and evidence-based project delivery practices.

My career and expertise are supported by a number of formal credentials:

I have worked with

Zurich insurance
Credit Suisse
International Project Management Association
Australian Institute of Project Management
Kayenta - Training & Beratung
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement
Deutsche Bank
International Institute for Learning
University of Maryland
Project Management Institute