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Leading Projects with Data.

Overcome Behavioral and Cultural Barriers to Unlock the Hidden Value of Data in Projects.

Organizations are transforming business areas into data-driven practices to make better and faster decisions and respond accurately to fast-changing market behaviors and demands.

The project management domain cannot afford to be left behind and also needs to take advantage of the potential of data and analytics.

The use of data and analytics significantly improves project performance, but it requires a cultural foundation that connects and engages people, enables evidence-based thinking and facilitates new capabilities.

Three key elements form the basis for unearthing effective capabilities in a project management practice and transitioning to a data-informed project delivery model:


Investing in knowledge means exploring and adding new sources of knowledge. Data and analytics are effectively added to the knowledge mix, complementing existing knowledge from experience, intuition and expertise.


The behaviors required to effectively balance the different knowledge contributors need to drive new ways of collaborating across boundaries and generate a new project culture of constantly exploring the new and unknown in the pursuit of continuous improvement.


A sound purpose triggers optimism despite adversity and turbulence. It is meant to set free hidden energy, bind people together and foster an environment of trust, transparency and accountability - all crucial characteristics that are essential for a data-informed project management practice.

Leading Projects with Data is full of actionable insights to drive the behaviors and culture shifts necessary to ensure a successful transition to data-informed project delivery practices.

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