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Leading Projects with Data - Marcus Glowasz

Project Management

Overcome Behavioral and Cultural Barriers to Unlock the Hidden Value of Data in Projects

In an era of rapid change and an ever-increasing flow of information, data is a highly-valued asset.

Organizations are transforming business areas into data-driven practices to make better and faster decisions and respond accurately to fast-changing market behaviors and demands.

The project management domain cannot afford to be left behind. Old practices will not serve the sector in the twenty-first century. That means project delivery functions must embrace new and innovative ways to deliver change.

In this book, Marcus Glowasz argues the urgent need to employ data and analytics for improved project performance. Leading Projects with Data is full of actionable insights on transitioning to data-informed project delivery practices.

A thriving practice needs people with the mindset to collaborate across boundaries, learn from failure, adapt to a new normal of frequent disruption and change and value knowledge. Diversity, transparency and critical thinking are key drivers in the new world of project management.