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Data Literacy for Project Managers

Improve project performance and outcomes by leveraging your data skills.

The future of projects is data-driven. But only if project professionals have the right skills and mindset to enable data-driven insights.

This program helps project management professionals unlock the potential of big data for improved project delivery performance by leveraging the necessary data skills that can help solve today’s biggest challenges in effectively managing and delivering projects.

Data Literacy Workshop


Address resistance and fear to work with data and establish the right and necessary behaviors to fully unlock people's abilities to effectively engage with data and analytics.


Understand data terminology and establish a consistent and unambiguous vocabulary across project teams, data teams, and business stakeholders.

Data skills


Learn today's data skills in demand and how to apply them in your projects. Collect relevant data, apply sensemaking skills and produce and communicate insights.


Follow data-informed decision making techniques to equally balance insights from data, people's experience and intuition, and produce actionable and measurable outcomes.

Data Literacy Course for Project Managers

Data Literacy unveils the Future of Project Management.

Unlock the Data Mindset in Project Management Professionals

Increase Project Planning Confidence

Learn analytical techniques and practices that unlock hidden insights from data and help you to plan and manage your projects with higher confidence.

Impactful Project Reporting

Status reporting is more than just presenting facts and figures. It must include analysis and insights to facilitate understanding and decision-making among stakeholders. Selecting suitable charts and data visualizations not only ensures clarity but also drives impact and persuasion.

Back up your Message with Data-Driven Insights

Analyze and interpret data effectively to extract meaningful insights that support your arguments and recommendations. By crafting compelling narratives around the presented data, you will be able to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impact.

Avoid typical Data Pitfalls

Falling into data traps can happen to anyone, not only data professionals but also project managers, decision-makers, and senior managers. Learn how to identify and avoid typical pitfalls in data collection, analysis, and presentation. 

Higher Decision-Making Reliability

Improve decision-making processes in projects and reduce the impact of biases, politics, or personal agendas.

Effective Problem-Solving

Data literacy equips individuals with the skills and mindset to approach information and decision-making with critical thinking at the forefront. It promotes a deeper understanding of data, encourages questioning and validation, and ultimately leads to more effective problem-solving and decision-making.

Improved Project Resilience

Improve project risk management by widening the view on risk scenarios, and enhance the stability and resilience of projects and teams.

Data Literacy Course for Project Managers

The Key Learning Blocks
to Enable the Power of Data in Projects.

The Data Literacy for Project Managers course enables project management professionals to master the necessary data skills to make an impact toward improved project performance.

The emphasis is on non-technical aspects such as the required cultural and behavioral changes, integrating factual evidence with human sensemaking, and driving action through effective communication and storytelling, bridging the gap between business needs and scientific evidence and information.

This program takes into account the specific challenges, constraints, and typical methods and processes in the project management domain, making it a unique and tailored learning journey for project management professionals.

Data Literacy for Project Managers

Project Data

Understanding project data concepts, types of project data, sources of project data, the key aspects of data analytics, and how they can be effectively applied in project management to improve project effectiveness and outcomes.

and Ethics

Develop a mindset that values project data and knowledge and makes it accessible across the organization. It includes measures to foster an environment of transparency, truthfulness, accountability, and collaboration across boundaries.

Project Data

Learn about the different types of data sources in the project management domain, and how to collect, manage, curate, and aggregate project data. Key topics include data storage, data democratization, and data quality.

and Interpret

Use data analysis techniques, think critically, and gain insights. Balance them with experience and intuition. Collaborate and validate to create a comprehensive understanding. Use sensemaking to gain insights and align with stakeholder priorities.

and Communicate

Learn how to effectively communicate insights from project data to stakeholders through compelling project dashboards, status reports, and management presentations, enhanced with effective visualizations and storytelling techniques.

Taking Action &

Understand how to use data to inform project decisions, including how to identify key performance indicators (KPIs), how to set targets, and how to measure progress. Identify common decision-making biases and learn how to avoid them.

About the Program

A 4-week professional learning program designed to enable project management professionals to enhance the performance of their projects by leveraging the hidden capabilities of existing project data assets.

The Data Literacy for Project Managers program is an intense training program that enables project management professionals to master the necessary data skills and helps to overcome usual barriers in project environments. It achieves this by taking into account their specific challenges, common behavioral and cultural constraints, and typical project delivery methods and processes.

In the Data Literacy for Project Managers program I teach project leaders, teams, and decision-makers how to take advantage of data capabilities. They will not only learn how to collect and integrate data in decision-making processes but will also improve their human-led skills regarding critical thinking, questioning, creativity, and experimentation.

By the end of the course, students will be able to confidently interact with project data, supporting their organization to unlock the true potential of data and analytics in the field of project management.

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What You will Learn

Fundamentals of Project Data & Analytics

Get an overview of data analytics concepts and how they apply in the project management domain.

Learn about the types and sources of project data, the different stages of data analytics, and how they can be effectively used in project management to improve crucial activities such as project planning, budget forecasting, risk management, and resource management.

Developing a Data Mindset

Support the impact of data by developing an understanding of the value of data for the performance of projects. Develop an openness for change, curiosity, experimentation, and continuous learning.

Collecting Relevant Data

Understand the different sources of project data, applicable data collection methods, and select and collect relevant data, ensuring that you are looking at the right and relevant data to address a problem or decision at hand.

Analyzing and Interpreting Project Data

Gain an understanding of how to identify trends and patterns in project cost data, schedule data, risk data, and project KPIs. Learn to use critical thinking and questioning techniques to develop genuine insights.

Data Visualization and Storytelling

Learn the principles of communicating project management-specific data with suitable and compelling visuals, dashboards, and narratives to inform decision-makers.

Analyze your audience and structure your content for clarity, insight, and impact, influencing them through data-informed project updates and presentations.

Data-Informed Decision Making

Learn how to turn project data into value by guiding the decision-making process, balancing insights from data and people for best-informed decisions. Apply techniques to measure decision outcomes for future insights.

Who this Program is for

Cohort-Based Live Online Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a technical course that requires technical knowledge?

No, this is not a technical course. While data literacy includes also more technical elements, this course focuses on the non-technical skills that are suited for the target audience of project management professionals.

Hence, there is no need for technical background knowledge.

Is the course targeting a specific industry?

No, this course does not cover industry-specific project management setups or tools. Instead, it builds a fundamental understanding of project data concepts and analytical techniques that you can apply in your workplace to leverage data and analytics in the context of your specific industry and environment.

Will I be able to apply the learned skills directly in projects at my workplace?

Yes, this course will equip you with data skills that you can apply right away in your own projects, such as project reporting and decision-making techniques. However, please keep in mind that developing a data mindset doesn't happen overnight; it requires continuous learning and practice.

This course will provide the foundations and skills that you can start using and applying to continually enhance your data literacy maturity, thus improving your project management performance.

I don't have any background in data. Do I need a refresher before starting this course?

No. This course is designed to accommodate individuals at various stages of their journey. Whether you're a newcomer, have some prior experience, or are already well-versed in working with data, you'll find value here.

What are the prerequisites to get the most value out of this course?

You will require an understanding of project management concepts and disciplines, in particular, you should be familiar with the areas of schedule, budget, risk management, and related techniques, as those will be referenced in the course.

Ideally, you have at least a few years of experience in a project management role and are seeking to level up your skills and get prepared for a data-driven and AI-supported project management future.

Do you offer this course as an in-company course tailored to my organization?

Yes. Certainly, the best value comes from tailoring this course to a specific project management environment with often unique challenges.

If you are interested in learning more, contact me for an initial conversation about your specific requirements.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes. This course is offered via the Maven learning platform. On the day after the cohort ends, Maven will send a certificate to all enrolled students. The certificate can be added to LinkedIn, and shared as posts on LinkedIn and Twitter/X.

Data Literacy for Project Managers

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