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Data Leadership
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Enable the impact of data for effective and successful project delivery.

Learn to create a project ecosystem that facilitates the use of data, and ensures its seamless integration into project management processes, to enhance project delivery performance.

This program shakes up existing structures to establish an environment that fosters diversity of thought, trust, transparency, free flow of information, and a culture of seeking value and opportunity from risk and uncertainty.

Data Leadership


Provide clear vision for the strategic role of data in project management, driving informed decision-making, having in mind the key project management challenges and objectives.


Foster a data-driven project culture, promoting the value and impact of data, encouraging data-driven practices, and empowering project teams to embrace data in their day-to-day work.


Establish necessary structures and processes, such as data governance frameworks and data management processes, to ensure the effective collection, storage, integration, and utilization of project data.



Ensure a clear focus on meaningful and relevant data to inform project decisions, through clear communication and guidelines related to metrics, credible data sources, and most effective data products.

About the Program

A 4-week program to optimize the structures in your project organization and enable data-driven project delivery practices. Project leaders are equipped with the techniques and tools to drive a data mindset in their teams, providing the necessary leadership toward the effective use of data, analytics, and AI in their projects.

The Data Leadership program is specifically designed to equip project leaders with the necessary skills and techniques to enhance the capabilities of their project delivery practice and teams. They will learn about the necessary structures to drive a data culture in the project management space, how to foster an environment of transparency and free flow of information, and measures that drive a mindset toward long-term business success and strategic goals.

Participants will learn how to become more innovation-focused and forward-looking, shifting from an approach of mere project risk mitigation to driving opportunities and overdelivering on business value.

Overall, the Data Leadership program is a comprehensive 4-week program that will lift project delivery capabilities by lifting data capabilities and facilitating a transformation that corresponds to today’s market conditions and demands.

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Who This Program is For

What You Will Learn

Identify key barriers to data-driven practices

Identify and understand key issues in project culture, behaviors, governance, ethics, strategic thinking and technology, impacting the performance and success of projects.

Develop a data culture

Drive and maximize engagement for data and analytics at all levels in the project organization, by making people aware of the value-add. Drive engagement strategies through data champions and purpose-driven leadership.

Develop a project data strategy

Develop a dynamic project data strategy, taking into account business objectives and goals, people skills and capabilities, required processes, and technology.

Structure and optimize project knowledge

Understand sources of project information and knowledge beyond digital data assets, and build strategies to turn hidden knowledge into accessible and shared knowledge assets. 

Create an adoption plan for data-driven practices

Develop a plan to roll out the project data strategy and the adoption among project teams. Define key milestones and understand the key metrics to track along the journey toward data-driven project management.

Techniques to drive continual improvement

Learn and apply techniques for encouraging continuous learning and growth in data-driven practices in projects.

Leading Projects With Data


Learn how to overcome cultural barriers on the journey to data-driven practices.

Data-Driven Agility

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Learn how to address today’s uncertainty and complexity by driving agility with data capabilities.

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Data Leadership for
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Data Leadership for Project Managers
Data Leadership for Project Management

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