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Keynote Speaking

Inspiring Change and Innovation

Providing an experience that drives insights, learning, and action.

I believe that the project management domain is at a turning point where it requires a fundamental overhaul of its practices, to adapt to new environments that are characterized by increasing business dynamics and rapid changes, an endlessly growing amount of information and complexity, and the need for swift and informed decisions.

Today’s technological capabilities provide an opportunity to innovate our project management practices, and to address the consistent challenges and shortcomings to deliver projects on their promises.

Passionate about innovating and advancing the Project Management domain, I deliver insights from research and practice in an engaging, thought-provoking, and entertaining way to inspire audiences towards action, change, and a new mindset that will lead to more effective and successful project outcomes.

My keynotes are tailored to transmit a clear vision and thoughtful ideas, for audiences to walk away with specific and concrete ideas that they can immediately implement to make them more effective.

Audiences will learn how technology, culture, decision-making, and the adaptive mindset of project professionals are the cornerstones of the future of project management and how they will ensure successful project outcomes in today’s distressed and complex business environments.

My approach to the delivery of effective keynotes is to walk the audience through often rather complex topics in a simplified, humorous, and digestible way, with various a-ha’ moments that inspire a positive and proactive view on how to navigate change and uncertainty.

Selected Keynote Topics

Projects, Data, and Agility.

Enabling Data Analytics and
Artificial Intelligence for
Project Management


With data analytics and intelligent technology on the rise to improve organizational decision-making, project management as a discipline cannot be left behind when adopting data-driven practices. But getting there is less about technology and foremost about building a cultural foundation, new behaviors by project professionals, and a new mindset, culture, and environment that enable data and analytics to unleash their capabilities to shift project performance to new heights.

In this keynote, Marcus Glowasz will highlight the key (non-technical) success factors for a journey to data-driven project delivery practices, incl. which skills project managers need to acquire to take full advantage of data and AI capabilities in their projects.

Adapting to the Age of
Change and Transparency

Today’s world is rapidly changing with often fast-changing messages, leading to high complexity and an increasing change frequency. As a result, project and change management practices are forced to move along with today’s evolving technology and modern practices and need to embrace new ways that enhance our natural capabilities to deliver change and become fit for the future. 

But while technology can enhance our capabilities, it requires more than ever people to enable such future. It requires a new mindset about how we collaborate, how we deal with failure, how we learn, and how we adapt to disruption and change. It calls for new leadership skills in all of us to foster a culture of transparency, authenticity, and accountability, to enable effective growth and evolution.

What People Say.

Marcus was one of the best and most engaging speakers at our PPM & E-PMO conference. I would recommend for his expertise, eloquence and strong experience.

Said Sahardeed
Innovation Johnson, UK

As a professional in Project Management, Data and AI, Marcus earns my highest recommendation.

Andreas Solomou
Project Management Institute, Cyprus

Marcus’ presentation was extremely well-prepared and insightful, and a testament to his deep expertise in the project management field. I highly recommend him as a speaker.

Kelly Flaherty
2U Inc., US

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