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Project Failure Workshop

Plan For the Worst. Achieve Best Results.

Building and simulating scenarios for project failures can provide invaluable insights for risks that otherwise would be hidden.

Plan Failure to Increase Chances for Project Success.

The project manager’s biggest nightmare is failure, to miss critical deadlines, overrun budgets, underdeliver benefits, or not deliver at all. In short, to run a project against the wall. To ensure that projects succeed, managers usually follow diligent processes to create project plans, run through all their projected scenarios, evaluate risks, validate estimates, etc. But yet, despite all scrutiny, projects fail more often than succeed, mostly because of unforeseen disruptive events.

The Project Failure Workshop follows an approach of failure point discovery by using a combination of pre-mortem and fail-forward techniques to uncover and explore failure points that have the potential to drive a project into failure.

Pre-Mortem & Fail Forward

Look at failure from different angles and reward the pessimism.

While the pre-mortem technique analyzes failure through simulated backward-looking, the fail-forward method works out a detailed plan that would drive the project into failure.

The resulting insights will help project leaders to improve the accuracy of their planning activities, leading to more clarity and higher delivery confidence, increased project stability and resilience, and better chances for project success.

Workshop Details

Team workshops are designed to provide immediate impact, with outcomes ready to be implemented the next day.

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Virtual Workshop Experience

The delivery of virtual workshops goes beyond mere lectures and slides in a Zoom meeting.
The main focus is to create a lasting and entertaining learning experience.

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Online Tools

Virtual sessions have their limitations but also many opportunities to use smart tools and technology to make the online experience worthwhile for attendees. All virtual sessions are Zoom meetings with the use of digital tools and collaboration platforms like Miro or Mural.

I am frequently assessing and testing out a variety of emerging tools, with the goal to make a virtual workshop experience as lively, interactive, and useful as possible.

Virtual Delivery

Facilitating and delivering training and workshops in a virtual format cannot fully replace the experience of live and in-person events, but it also provides several advantages in terms of its location independence and time investment.

To ensure a seamless and lasting experience, I am using professional video and audio equipment, while adapting to proven virtual delivery practices and techniques, making the online sessions highly productive and engaging, and yet entertaining.

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