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Decision Making
in Projects

Empowering Projects through Data: Making Smarter and Timely Decisions for Project Success.

Unlock the power of data, transform data into information and actionable and verified project knowledge to shift your decision-making process to the next level, and drive project performance and success.

Data-Informed Decision Making


Fostering a data-driven mindset where people understand the value of data in decision-making and are willing to embrace evidence-based insights over gut feelings or intuition.


Foster a data-driven project culture, promoting the value and impact of data, encouraging data-driven practices, and empowering project teams to embrace data in their day-to-day work.


The availability and quality of data play a pivotal role in data-informed decision making. Identify relevant data sources, ensure data accuracy, and establish mechanisms for data collection and storage.


Incorporating data collection and analysis as a regular part of decision-making, which requires updates to decision-making frameworks to accommodate data-driven insights.

The Key Steps to
Data-Informed Decisions in Projects

In this workshop, attendees will take away practical tips to overcome usual barriers and unlock the power of data in the decision-making process. Following a data-informed decision-making framework, this workshop will provide the necessary techniques and mindset to effectively build and communicate insights from project data.

Project Data Concepts

Understanding project data concepts, data sources, types of project data, and its value for the decision-making process.

Culture & Behaviors

Identify potential shortfalls and gaps in project decision-making, and develop a more critical view towards one’s own cognitive limitations and their impact on decision-making.

Data Identification & Collection

Developing skills to articulate and frame the problem, articulate data requirements, identify data sources.

Analysis & Sensemaking

Turning data into information and actionable insights by analyzing and interpreting data through contextual knowledge, experience, intuition, and sensemaking.

Communicating with Project Data

Understanding the importance of data communication in project management. Key topics include data visualization and storytelling skills in the context of making an impact through evidence-driven communication.

Making Informed Decisions

Driving effective and sound decision-making in projects by incorporating data into the process. Key topics include the avoidance of decision paralysis, balancing different decision-maker types, and decision tracking and monitoring.

Data Literacy Training for Project Managers

About the Workshop

A 2-day workshop program designed to enable project professionals  to enhance their decision making capabilities and quality by harnessing the power of data and analytics.

The workshop is designed to provide immediate impact, with outcomes ready to be applied the next day.

The Data-Informed Decision Making for Projects workshop applies various techniques and group exercises to identify shortfalls and quality gaps in existing decision-making processes and scenarios.

This includes an emphasis on establishing a data-informed decision-making culture that is supported by a thorough understanding, appreciation, and awareness of data, information, and knowledge.

Using a data-informed decision-making framework, attendees will learn the steps that need to be taken to gain that understanding, what challenges need to be addressed, and the essential skills to adopt a data-informed decision-making approach.

Action plans are being elaborated to improve project decisions through the concepts of critical thinking, bias awareness and recognition, systems thinking, and an enhanced focus on process innovation, knowledge management, and enabling transparency.

What People will Learn

Analytical Questioning
Ability to articulate analytical questions to focus on the real problems
Informed Decision-Making Methods
Become competent in the relevant methods and techniques to identify, acquire and analyze relevant data points for decision making in projects
Self-Assessment and Improvement
Capability to identify potential shortfalls and gaps in project decision-making and apply actions to mitigate them
Self-Assessment and Improvement
Capability to identify potential shortfalls and gaps in project decision-making and apply actions to mitigate them
Self-Assessment and Improvement
Capability to identify potential shortfalls and gaps in project decision-making and apply actions to mitigate them

Who this Workshop is for

Virtual Workshop Experience

The delivery of virtual workshops goes beyond mere lectures and slides in a Zoom meeting.
The main focus is to create a lasting and entertaining learning experience.

Marcus Glowasz - Transformation Strategist, Change Advisor, Facilitator

Online Tools

Virtual sessions have their limitations but also many opportunities to use smart tools and technology to make the online experience worthwhile for attendees. All virtual sessions are Zoom meetings with the use of digital tools and collaboration platforms like Miro or Mural.

I am frequently assessing and testing out a variety of emerging tools, with the goal to make a virtual workshop experience as lively, interactive, and useful as possible.

Virtual Delivery

Facilitating and delivering training and workshops in a virtual format cannot fully replace the experience of live and in-person events, but it also provides several advantages in terms of its location independence and time investment.

To ensure a seamless and lasting experience, I am using professional video and audio equipment, while adapting to proven virtual delivery practices and techniques, making the online sessions highly productive and engaging, and yet entertaining.

Marcus Glowasz - Transformation Strategist, Change Advisor, Facilitator
Data-Informed Decision Making in Projects

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