Reading List for the Modern Project Manager

The way we manage projects will change significantly in the near future, impacted by modern technologies and methods around Big Data, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. As a result, project management processes, approaches and methodologies will experience fundamental changes.

Project managers who are at the forefront of projects are the drivers of projects and are therefore responsible to apply suitable methods for the delivery of projects. Project managers are therefore well advised to get familiar with how the project management world will change, and to bring such changes to their organization.

The below list of readings is obviously a very subjective selection but helped me to develop an open mind towards new technologies and project management approaches that are important to consider and recognize in order to stay competitive within the project management market. One needs to remember, project success also depends on project management success, and project management and its practices are highly influenced by factors related to the evolution of technology, especially in today’s era of big data and AI.

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Marcus Glowasz
Marcus Glowasz
Marcus Glowasz is a project management specialist, coach, and advisor. He works with leaders and organizations to build data-literate and evidence-driven project teams and pave the way for data-informed and AI-supported project work. He is the author of the book "Leading Projects with Data", which provides invaluable insights on overcoming cultural and behavioral barriers to achieving success in data-driven and evidence-based project delivery.